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Tooth Discoloration in Kids Teeth

When you have children, you want them to have a healthy and beautiful smile as much as you want one for yourself. Tooth discoloration is one problem that can not only have a negative impact on your child’s quality of life, but it can sometimes be a sign of a larger underlying issue. If you […]

Caring for Your Child After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions can be necessary — but most of us wouldn’t call them fun. Next to the dreaded drill, tooth extraction might be the main reason why people get a little anxious when thinking about going to the dentist. This can be just as true for parents of children undergoing a tooth extraction, as it […]

Soft Foods for Toddlers After Oral Surgery

Parents who have undergone any type of oral surgery will know how difficult recovery sometimes is. This is why getting your toddler ready to undergo a dental procedure can understandably be a source of worry and stress. Toddlers can be fussy under normal circumstances, so you want to make sure everything goes smoothly for something […]

How to Prevent Cavities in Children

Cavities are something that no parent wants for their child, but we all know how much of a challenge it can be to get your child to look after their teeth. Today we’re going to discover the signs of cavities in children and how to prevent cavities in children in the future. No matter the […]

Can You Brush Away a Cavity?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a quick cure for all of your dental hygiene concerns? For parents, it’s not the best news when you hear your child has a cavity. The good news is that our team is here to protect your child’s teeth and dental hygiene as they progress through their childhood. […]

How to Stop Tooth Decay From Spreading

If your child has started to exhibit some of the signs of tooth decay, one of the most common questions we receive from parents is regarding how to stop tooth decay from spreading. We know that tooth decay is something that no parent or child wants to deal with, but for many of us, it’s […]

What is Pulp Therapy?

While pulp therapy is something that’s less common within pediatric dentistry than other types of treatment, it’s still a treatment we encourage parents to learn more about. It’s especially important for young permanent teeth, as the pulp is critical for the normal development of the tooth. Keep reading to discover what exactly pulp therapy is […]

Tooth Decay vs Cavity

Tooth decay and cavities are two common conditions that are sometimes confused with one another. While they share some of the same symptoms and risk factors, you’ll want to ensure you know the difference between these two dental concerns. Keep reading as we learn more about tooth decay vs. cavity and how you can prevent […]

Is Gingivitis Contagious?

While gingivitis is generally a common and mild type of gum disease, it’s still something we don’t want to see in any of our patients. If someone in your family has gingivitis, you might be wondering, “is gingivitis contagious?” Keep reading as we answer this question and share the common signs and symptoms to look […]

Are Cavities Contagious?

When we discuss cavities with parents and children, one of the most common questions we receive is, “are cavities contagious?” If you have one cavity, you might be worried about how this could impact the rest of your teeth and your overall oral health. Let’s take a deeper look into this topic and discover our […]

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