Poor Oral Hygiene Signs

Poor Oral Hygiene Signs

No child or adult wants to walk around with bad breath or discolored teeth, but these are some of the most common signs of poor oral hygiene. The sooner you can start building good habits with your child, the better their oral hygiene will be as they grow up. If you’ve been worrying recently about your child’s oral hygiene, keep reading to discover some of the key signs there might be an issue with your child’s dental care routine.

5 Signs of Poor Oral Hygiene

1. Foul Breath

When you think of signs of poor oral hygiene, the first thing that comes to mind is bad breath. There’s nothing worse than a child or adult getting close to you and their breath smelling anything but fresh. Bad breath can sometimes be a temporary issue, which appears as a result of spicy or heavy meals. If that’s the case, a quick brush or rinse with mouthwash will be enough to clear the odor. However, when bad breath is a long-term issue, you need to see our team for help. This could be an indicator of bacterial infections, plaque, or gingivitis. Regular teeth brushing is the key to good breath, and this is one of the top benefits you’ll notice when you adopt a good brushing routine.

2. Teeth Sensitivity

When you drink a cold drink or brush your teeth with cold water, you might feel some sensitivity. While this is something you don’t need to panic about, if this is an everyday issue for you or your child, it’s time to seek out our help. This could be the first sign of an oral infection, but it could also be gingivitis or periodontitis. We recommend switching to dental products for sensitive teeth as well, which will be a good first step to combat this issue.

3. Teeth Discoloration

We all want our kids to feel confident about their smiles, so when you start to notice discoloration or yellowing, this is a sign it’s time to review their brushing routine. While adults might look into teeth whitening, this isn’t something we recommend for young children. Regular check-ups with our team can help to keep on top of your child’s oral hygiene and stop cavities from building up over time. If your child’s teeth are slowly losing their beautiful white color, it’s a sign that their brushing needs some work to avoid this from happening further.

4. Swollen Gums

Many parents think of oral hygiene in terms of teeth and breath, but swollen or bleeding gums are an indication of issues in this area too. Your child’s gums should ideally be pink in color and never bleed. If you see they are inflamed or red in color, then it’s a clear indication that something is wrong. When bleeding occurs on a regular basis, you might find that this results in the loss of a tooth in the long run. As you monitor your child’s brushing each day, make sure you keep an eye out for anything unusual when they are rinsing their mouth. If you’re concerned about your child’s gums or mouth bleeding, contact our team, who will be happy to review their oral hygiene and check for any issues.

5. Mouth Ulcers

You’ve no doubt had mouth ulcers at various points in your life, and we all know how painful and unpleasant these can be. While most ulcers disappear by themselves within a few days or so, if they are around for a longer period of time, these need to be checked out. Any unusual growths in the mouth are a good sign that something isn’t quite right, and our team can review your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth to ensure they are in perfect condition. We can recommend the best treatment and relief for ulcers as well so that they don’t hurt your child as much when they are going about their daily activities.

There are many different indicators of poor oral hygiene, which you need to keep an eye out for when your child is brushing their teeth each day. We recommend checking your child’s mouth from time to time at home, especially if they are complaining of pain when eating or drinking. Call our team straight away if you notice any of the issues we shared above, and we’ll be here to support you and find the resolution to any issues to help improve their oral hygiene once again.

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